Art Advisory

Mirchi Arts Advisory Services offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of new buyers and seasoned collectors in both private and commercial spaces. Whether you are interested in purchasing a single work, or if you are expanding an all-encompassing art program our first and foremost job is to gain a full understanding of your area of interest, aesthetic taste, and budget requirements.

We provide advisory in the following areas:

1. Assessing existing collections.
2. Procurement and sale of artworks.
3. Researching and finding specific collector's requests.
4. Valuation and quality assessment of potential purchases.
5. Obtaining authentication of works.
6. Inventory and appraisal services.

As private advisors we work exclusively in the service of our clients, providing neutral and objective advice to serve the collector's specific needs, desires and objectives.

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Mirchi Arts Private Limited
G-76 Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi-110003, India
Phone: (91-11)4163-8200