About Us

Mirchi Arts was established in 2005. It started as a private collection for a group of like minded art collectors but has since expanded its services to deliver specialized consultancy in modern & contemporary Indian art to art collectors, be they young and new to the art world or established and experienced art collectors.

Shiv Karan Singh, the founding director of Mirchi Arts has been an art collector since the early 1980’s in the US before moving back to India in early 1990’s. His personal art collection started with inherited Indian miniatures of the 18th and 19th Century and woodcut prints of Haren Das. This was complimented with art works by US and European artists such as Robert Motherwell, Sonia Delauney, Frank Stella, Lebadang and Vasserelli. Back in India he expanded his collection from paintings to sculptures, photographs, pottery and ceramics. Apart from the works by Husain, Ram Kumar, Gaitonde, Hebber, Broota, Kolte, Bendre, Swaminathan he has collected works by Dayanita Singh, Raghu Rai, Dileep Prakash, Anay Mann, P R Daroz, Jyotsna Bhatt, B R Pandit, Alex Nordell, Anoma Wijewardene and Arun Vadehra.

Mirchi Arts continues to work with corporate and personal art collector’s portfolios to rebalance and diversify their collection. This would entail providing advisory in buying and selling some of the art works, especially young emerging and exciting artists.

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Mirchi Arts Private Limited
G-76 Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi-110003, India
Phone: (91-11)4163-8200
Email: shivsingh@mirchiarts.com